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What Are The Vacuum Emulsification Machine Cleaning Methods?
Jun 27, 2018

Cleaning and cleaning is one of the most important steps in the maintenance and maintenance of vacuum emulsifier. In the mixed production of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and chemical industry, the common cleaning methods are: soaking cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, CIP cleaning system and spray cleaning.

According to the specifications, size and complexity of the equipment, the appropriate cleaning methods will also be different. For example, the general material, small equipment, cleaning method will be a little simple, the chemical composition of the special material cleaning method, cleaning agent also need special choice, specific according to the actual needs to choose.

Cleaning method of common vacuum emulsifier

1, soaking cleaning method

Using the chemical and thermal energy of a certain temperature and concentration of the cleaning agent to soften or dissolve the residual substance adhered to the tank, it is a simple and easy to operate cleaning method.

2. Spray cleaning method

Under certain pressure, it is a common cleaning method that the detergent or clean water is used to spray the cleaning parts of the high shear emulsifier and remove the dirt through a certain shape nozzle.

3, scrubbing

Wash the dirt with rotary washing. The decontamination effect is better.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning

Some of the vacuum emulsifier equipment with high cleanliness are required, and the general cleaning method may not meet the cleaning requirements. In this case, the ultrasonic cleaning method can be selected.

5, CIP cleaning system

Commonly known as the local cleaning system, it is widely used in beverage, dairy, fruit juice, fruit pulp, jam, wine and other high mechanized food and beverage production enterprises. For the production equipment with stricter hygiene level, CIP cleaning method can also be used.

The cleaning method can be aimed at the single vacuum emulsifying machine equipment, and can also be aimed at the whole production line of the emulsifying unit, and the different methods of equipment combination will be different. The higher the requirement for large or multi quantity production equipment and cleanliness, the more complex the selected cleaning formula is.

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