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Three Methods To Reduce The Swirl Of The Vacuum Emulsifier
Jun 27, 2018

In order to avoid whirlpool, improve the efficiency of the vacuum emulsifier and improve the quality of the product, the whirlpool produced in the emulsification tank should be reduced in order to avoid the whirlpool stirred in the production process of the emulsion in the emulsification tank.

In the emulsification and mixing industry, there are usually three ways to reduce swirling vortex.

1. In the container, the baffle is installed to make the flow line of the mixing system in the turbulent region, causing a large number of cycles from the bottom to the top, and no whirlpools will be produced, and the reciprocating and unbalance forces are not formed on the mixing axis.

2, installation is not installed on the center line of the equipment, eccentric installation can reduce the vortex and increase the axial circulation rate.

3. Full baffle condition, add baffle or other accessories in the emulsification stirred tank, stirring power will no longer increase, the whirlpool will disappear.

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