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Three Filling Modes And Characteristics Of Full Automatic Filling Machine
Jun 27, 2018

The automatic filling machine is applied to the processing and production of fluid, paste, viscous body and other products. Different filling equipment has different filling methods, including three kinds of filling methods, such as normal pressure, negative pressure, and pressure, which are suitable for different product requirements.

1. The normal pressure filling method;

This type of equipment usually raises the storage tank to increase pressure. Filling with its own body weight is suitable for processing fluidity, low viscosity milk, grape red wine and so on.

2. Negative pressure filling method;

This type of equipment is also called a vacuum filling machine. It is necessary to ensure that the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and then the filling and filling of the product is carried out according to the principle of air pressure balance. This kind of equipment is simple in structure, but it has strong air tightness and no big requirement for the stickiness of material. It can finish the processing of syrup, oil, soy sauce and so on.

3. Pressure filling method;

This type of equipment is filled in the condition of higher than the atmospheric pressure, one is to use the pressure in the storage tank to be flat in the bottle pressure, and to flow into the bottle by the weight of the liquid, also known as the constant pressure filling. The other is to add a booster piston at the top of the storage tank to complete the processing. Common filling products include beer, champagne, gas drinks and so on.

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