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Principle And Working Principle Of Full Automatic Filling Machine
Jun 27, 2018

The principle of full automatic filling machine, high precision liquid quantitative perfusion machine - a mechanical rotating, normal pressure filling, measuring cup quantitative, filling valve fully closed, fully automatic type of empty bottle transferred from the bottle line, through the cylinder wheel mechanism, no empty bottle is accurately delivered to the turntable, the empty bottle then rotates, the same The empty bottle is taken up by the soft supporting mechanism and the bottle mouth is opened automatically after contact with the filling valve. The bottle is filled and the bottle is automatically pulled out into the bottle line, and the whole process is finished. The machine is equipped with automatic protection device. If there is a phenomenon of bottle sticking, the machine will automatically stop and protect the safety of human-machine.

1, PLC failure

PLC failure is mainly due to the adhesion of output point relay contacts.

If the motor is controlled by this point, the motor runs after the signal is started by the motor, but the motor does not stop after the signal is stopped and the motor stops running when the PLC is out of power. If the point is controlled, the solenoid valve is controlled. The trouble is that the coil of the solenoid valve is continuously energized, and the cylinder does not reset. If the external force hits PLC to separate the adhesion points, it can help to determine the fault.

There are two maintenance methods for the failure of PLC output point. One of the more convenient means is to modify the program by the programmer, to modify the damaged output point to the standby output point, and to adjust the line at the same time. If we control the 1004 point damage of the solenoid valve, change it to 1105 standby points.

A related statement of 1004 points can be found by programmer, and keep (014) 01004 is keep (014) 01105. Control the motor's 1002 point damage, change it to the standby point 1106, modify the 1002 point related statement out01002 to out01106, and adjust the line at the same time. If there is no programmer, you can use second more troublesome ones. Remove the PLC, disconnect the PLC, and remove the output relay of the spare point to the damaged output point. It can be installed according to the original line number.

2. Close to the switch fault

The packing machine of the filling machine has five close switches. The three is for knife protection, and the other two for controlling the upper and lower membrane release motors. Among them, one or two times of incorrect action are used to control knife protection. It will interrupt the normal operation process, and it will bring some difficulties to failure analysis and elimination due to the short number of failures and the short time. The cause of the failure is the melting knife in the decline process.  There is no packing. When the knife reaches the switch and loses the signal, it contacts the cutter head plate to the package, and the melting knife automatically returns upward. The fault repair method can install a switch of the same type in parallel with the switch and raise the position of the melting knife, so as to improve the reliability of the switch.

3. Malfunction of magnetic switch

The magnetic switch is used to detect the position of the cylinder and control the stroke of the cylinder. The four cylinder actions of stacking, pushing, pressing and melting knives are interrelated, and magnetic switches are used to detect and control their positions. The main trouble is that the following cylinder does not move, because the cylinder speed is relatively fast, resulting in the magnetic switch can not detect the signal. If the pushing cylinder speed is too fast, after pushing the bag to reset, the pressure pack and the cylinder do not move.

4. The malfunction of the solenoid valve

The failure of solenoid valve is mainly due to the failure of the cylinder to operate or not reset, because the electromagnetic valve of the cylinder can not reverse or blow. If the solenoid valve is blowing, the air pressure of the machine can not reach the working pressure because the air inlet and outlet are connected. It is easy to avoid confusion with the electrical fault. There is a leak sound in the solenoid valve. Carefully listening to the source and searching for the leak point by hand can easily identify the electromagnetic valve. The maintenance method is to clean the solenoid valve and replace the damaged sealing ring. It can not be repaired and replace the solenoid valve.

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