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Indian Customers Visit To Inspect Full Automatic Capping Machine
Sep 18, 2018

Indian customers visit to inspect Full Automatic capping machine

Guangzhou Aerospace Machinery is a domestic high-tech enterprise specialized in the independent design, research and development, production and sales of cosmetic equipment. Since its establishment in 2000. At present the company has successfully entered the cosmetics production equipment industry first. In recent years, the company’s products have not only achieved excellent results in the domestic market, but also attracted much attention in the foreign market.


Last week, we had the honor to receive a customer delegation from a Indian OEM company. The main purpose of this visit is to do the machine testing for the ordered Full automatic capping machine. This capping machine is applied to the shampoo production line. Currently, the cap tightening process are all finished by manual. Production speed is slow, and the manual cap makes the pump head easy to loosen. After several months discussion, customer finally decided to order this machine to solve the urgent problem.

customer.jpgmachine testing.jpg

The sales staff of our company warmly received the foreign friends. Accompanied by the foreign trade salesman, the Indian customer visited our factory for two days and carefully checked every part of the machine. Customers are satisfied with the quality of our machinesMoreover, the salesman showed the customers around the production process of the whole factory. The customer is a mechanical engineer, and there are many in-depth communication with our engineer when testing the machine. Some questions about the machine were also answered satisfactorily by the staff in front of our machine. The customer expressed their happiness. We solved their urgent problem.


The last day, customer visit our office and look around in our exhibition hall, inspected our vacuum emulsifying mixer machine, Liquid mixing machine, water treatment machine, etc. Hope we will have more cooperation in the future.

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