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Do You Know The Working Principle Of The Emulsifier?
Jun 27, 2018

The emulsifier is high speed and smooth rotation through the rotor, forming high frequency, intense circular cutting speed, angular velocity and other inductive energy efficiency. Under the effect of the stator, the reasonable and narrow gap in the stator and rotor constitutes the inductive effect of intense, reciprocating hydraulic shear, conflict, centrifugal kneading, liquid knock and so on, and the material is in the container. In the process of working over and over again, we get goods at the end.

The working principle of the emulsifier:

1. under the centrifugal force effect of the rotor with high speed, the material in the picture is sucked into the working chamber axially from the upper and lower feeding areas of the head.

2. the weak centrifugal force swung the material from the radial to the narrow and fine gap between the rotor and the rotor. It was subjected to centrifugal kneading, bumping and other effective forces to make the material begin to lax and emulsify.

3. at the outer end of the high speed rotating rotor at least 15m/s of the line speed, the maximum can be to 40m/s, and constitute a fierce mechanical and hydraulic shear, liquid layer conflict, bump tearing, so that the material abundant lax, emulsification, homogenization, breakage, together through the stator slot ejection. The emulsifying machine is through the high-speed rotation of the homogenized head connected with the engine, cutting, slack, and bump the material. In this way, the material will become more delicate and promote the blending of oil and water.

4. materials are constantly radially ejected from the radial direction, changing the flow direction under the resistance of the material itself and the wall of the container, and together with the effect of the upper and lower suction suction in the rotor area, the upper and lower two strands of turbulent turbulence are formed. The material passes through several cycles, ending, lax, emulsifying and homogenizing.

The emulsifying machine has the advantages of large throughput and low energy consumption, and is suitable for industrial continuous production. The treated material has the characteristics of narrow particle distribution and good evenness, saving time, high efficiency, saving energy and high production efficiency. Assembly and disassembly is simple and easy to clean, to meet the needs of CIP cleaning on different occasions. It has some functions of self suction and low lift transportation. No dead angle, material 100% by dispersing emulsification. The noise is low, the operation is smooth and the maintenance is convenient.

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