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1T Water Treatment Machine Is Ready For Delivery
Jan 12, 2019

During the Exhibiton(Cosmopack Asia)which hold in Hongkong, Our Jordan customer visited our company for the labeling machine testing. This customer has Cooperated with our company for more than five years. This time, except the machine testing, he also purchased some new machines, include the filling machine, water treatment machine, and capping machine.

And today we tested the water treatment machine for 1000L first grade water treatment equipment. We tested the automatic cleaning system, and recorded how to change the osmosis membrane, adding filting stuff. 



The Reverse Osmosis water treatment machine is adopting different process,according the different origin and quality of the water. The core part reverse osmosis water treatment, is the key to determine the quality of dealed water, but the advantages and disadvantages of the pre-treatment system of reverse osmosis system is the key to determine the stable operation of reverse osmosis system.


The configuration and function of the pre-treament system:

1. Origin water pump: pumping the origin water into the pre-treatment system.

2. Sand filter: The stuffing is quartz sand, It can remove suspended solids, colloids, rust, large particle impurities and some microorganisms in water.

3. Carbon filter: The stuffing is high quality coconut shell activated carbon, It can remove the organic matter in the water and the chlorine smell, odor, pesticide and unfiltered colloid contained in the tap water to extend the service life of the film.

4. Softening resin:If the raw water is groundwater with high metal ion content such as iron, calcium or magnesium, a water softening device can be used.

5. PP filter: Built-in 5umPP filter core removes all impurities above 5um.


Working process
Tap water→Origin water pump→quartz sand→activated carbon filter→Softening resin→5um PP filter→ High pressure pump→ RO reverse osmosis membrane→ Pure water tank.


If you are interested in our machine, please feel free to contact us for further information.

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