Vacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine

Vacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine

Vacuum emulsifying homo mixer machine is applied to produce the cream and paste,gel,and other visicosity products. This machine has 5 basic function: Mixing. homogenizing. vacuum, heating and cooling,to make the product exquisite. The spare part of our machine adopt import world-know brand, safety and reliable .

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Vacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine Manufacturer




Vacuum emulsifying homo mixer which applied to the crush and grind dispersion emulsification of the broken particle in various material make the material dispersing emulsification reaction process more efficiency. A good fine dispersion vacuum emulsifying mixer is designed with the stator and rotor combination . With the high speed grinding system , product particle would be crashed and rebuild with shear crushing distance is 0.05mm (adjustable distance between the stator ) .

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Working capacity of Emulsifying Pot


Working capacity of Water Phase


Working capacity of Oil Phase


Material & Thickness

Inside layer :316L(6mm)  jacket :304(6mm)

Outside layer:304(3mm)

Blender Material & Thickness

SUS316L(thickness : 8mm)

Platform Material & Thickness


Temperature of Emulsifying Pot

≤120 ℃

Pressure of Jacket

normal pressures

Speed of Scraping system  

0-86 r/min

Speed of Homogenizing system

0-3500 r/min


50Hz  380V±10%-15%

Customization is accepted to us 


Feature & Advantage

1) Double hydraulic cylinder of the vacuum emulsifying homo- mixer machine can lifting mixer cover automatically . 

2) Electricity or steam heating help dissolving material and keeping material stable after mixing .

3) PLC control let the production process more intelligently and scientifically

4) Homogenizing system high speed shearing material practical

5) Slow stable blending system helping dissolving material during emulsifying mixing .


Vacuum emulsifying homo mixer machine which be reached GMP standard which contact material all used 316L stainless steel .Other material to machine is 304 stainless steel . A good raw material is basement of high quality production .


Product applying 

The vacuum emulsifying homo mixer machine is applied to produce Cosmetic, shampoo, cream, paste ,hair color cream, hand cream, and etc.



Ocean shipping with wood packing . Before wood packing , anti-collision cotton ,slushing spraying oil protection .

Vacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine.jpgVacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine.jpg



Vacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine.jpgVacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine.jpgVacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine.jpg

Business license ; GERMANY TUV certificate ,CE certificate that you could check . Any other certificate we also to do such like material proving certificate ,processing certificate .



1. Aer we machine manufacturer ?

A: We are machine manufacturer for cosmetics production line since 2007.Our boss take over family ‘s business .

2. Can the machine be customized ?

A:Surely our machine can be customized as your need. As a machine manufacturer ,customization need be grantee to customer.

3.After -Service installation offered or not ?

A: Our engineer who in charge of oversea installation service has over5year working installation experience . You could get a well installation service and operation training .


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