Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

  • Hydraulic Lifting Vacuum Emulsifier

    The Hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier is the ideal equipment for the Cosmetic, Skin care, Daily chemical and Food industries. The high shearing homogenizer, make the raw material distribute equally. The material of our machine adopt high quality Stainless steel SUS304 and...
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  • Hydraulic Emulsifying Mixer with Bottom Homogenizer

    Hydraulic Emulsifying Mixer With Bottom Homogenizer is a high quality and efficient mixing equipment for cosmetic production. The bottom homogenizer is suitable to dealing large volume and high viscosity maetrial with strong shearing.
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  • Vacuum Hydraulic Emulsifying Mixer

    The Vacuum hydraulic emulsifying mixer is our main product which is suitable for personal care and beauty industries. The homogenizing ,mixing ,heating &cooling system which alredy be included in our vacuum hydraulic emulsifying mixer. And our machine can be customized...
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  • Fixed Type Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer with Homogenizer

    Fixed type vacuum emulsifying mixer with homogenizer is suitable for the large capacity production. Fixed type will make the machine working stabl and safety. Include different system which helpful for cosmetics production.
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  • Vacuum Emulsifying Top Homo Mixer

    Vacuum emulsyfing homogeneous mixer suitale to any kind of cosmetics cream ,lotion ,liquid .With high speed milling between stator and rotor .You would get particle size around 200-20um with great emulsifying effects.
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  • Liquid Mixer Machine

    The Liquid mixer machine is widely applied to the shampoo, shoer gel,detergent productions. Equipped with mixing, homogenizing, heating and cooling fucntions, can satisfy different products with different production process.
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  • Vacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer

    Vacuum emulsifying homo mixer is widely used in Skin care cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industrial.We offer different type of these machine, such as top homogenizer, bottom homogenizer, single hydraulic lifting, double hydraulic lifting,button control and PLC control for...
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  • High speed vacuum emulsifying homo mixer

    The high speed vacuum emulsifying mixing equipment manufactured by our factory is our main product, which include mixing, homogenizing, vacuum, heating and cooling functions. It is widely applied to the cosmetic, daily chemical, pharmacy,and food industries.
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  • High Speed Vacuum Emulsifying Mixing Equipment

    The high speed vacuum emulsifying mixing equipment is the ideal machine for the cosmetic cream and skin cares. The high speed shearing homogenizer cut the raw material extremely subtle and regroup,make it into a new form.
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  • Automatic Emulsifying Mixer Machine

    High speed shearing function is the main feature of automatic emulsifying mixer machine ,which could mixing various of liquid product with continuous high speed mixing .Emulsifying mixing could help these different liquid material combine to one new condition that could not...
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  • Vacuum Emulsifying Homo Mixer Machine

    Vacuum emulsifying homo mixer machine is applied to produce the cream and paste,gel,and other visicosity products. This machine has 5 basic function: Mixing. homogenizing. vacuum, heating and cooling,to make the product exquisite. The spare part of our machine adopt import...
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  • Mayonnaise Emulsifying Homogenizer Machine

    The mayonnaise Emulsifying homogenizer machine is the ideal equipment for producing the food, like the ketchup,mayonnaise, and other edible sauce. The function include: Mixing, homogenizing, vacuum,heating and cooling system. dealing the raw material effienctly.
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