Hydraulic Liquid Homogenizing Mixer

Hydraulic liquid homogenizing mixer is a chemical mixing equipment. The homogenizing head is drove by the hydraulic, can lift and down easily. It's suitable for dealing the viscosity product, such the oil paint.

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Hydraulic liquid homogenizing mixer

Introduction of the Hydraulic liquid homogenizing mixer:

The Hydraulic liquid homogenizing mixer is to distribute one phase or more to another continuous phase in a highly-efficient. It is the ideal equipment for the manufacturing of the low viscosity emulsion. The homogenizing and the dispersing can meet most formula’s request. ,The hydraulic lifting type make the machine can deal larder quantity material. The high shearing homogenizing head make the material exquisite. High-speed shearing of material in a narrow gap between stator and rotor, centrifugal extrusion and regroup.Under joint action of the Mature process and proper amount of the additive, Making the Insoluble raw material dispersing and homogenizing equally. After high frequency and Cycling homogenizing, ultimately produce delicate, stable and high-quality finished products.

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Features & Advantage:

1. Having large disposing volume and be suitable for on-line industrialized continuous production. Eliminating quality differences among the production batches.

2. Narrow particle size distribution range and high evenness.
3. The mixing machine is Time saving, high efficiency and energy saving. Low noise and stable operation.
4. The material sucking vent of homogenizer can directly suck some of raw materials into the rotor and stator for shearing and then make them flow outside the pump body.
5. Making 100% of the materials sheared and dispersed without any undispersed materials.
6. Easy in operation and convenient in maintenance.
7. The automatic control can be realized.







3000 R/M

Lifting height


Lifting Type

Hydraulic lifting



The Hydraulic liquid homogenizing mixer is widely applied in the Cosmetic Coatings, Dyestuffs, Inks, Paper, Adhesives, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals. For mixing emulsifying and dispersing two or more kinds of liquid ,solid and powder.

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Packaging & Delivery:

All of our machine will have triple protection: Wrapping film, anti-collision cotton and the PLY wood case. To avoid the water and to reduce the collisions.

Normally, the machine we will deliver by sea, but we also accept the air transport and land transport.

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Q: Are your engineers be able to serve in oversea?

A: Yes, we have a lot of experience install the machine in oversea

Q: What is your material of your product?

A: adopt with full stainless steel 304 and 316L

Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Our company always attached great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the very end as quality is our root, service is our principle!

Q: What can you do for us if the machine break down while we are using it?

A: We already have enough experience on this industry, our technology is very mature. Normally, the spare parts need be changed with some labor operation problem or overusing .Once you make the order from us, we will offer the detailed manual operation and the videos which will show you how to avoid some labor operation problem or overusing and how to change the spare parts, is very easy to operate.

And before machine shipping out, every machine need pass all the testing and checking process and tech recording. We would prefer our customers come to test our machines together, we will arrange our engineer to train you, we would show how to avoid and solution to some possible little problem happing with wrong operation. If these problems happen while you are using it, you can solve by yourself, which will not delay your production time.

Once some techs could not solved by yourself, oversea engineer would be sending to your country for assisting you on work with your permission.

Exhibition in 2018:

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