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Working principle of the filling machine
Dec 20, 2018

With the development of the technology, the function of filling machine are getting more and more powerful, and be used increasingly in our daily life. In this way, the operator needs to know the operation steps of the filling machine, how to use it, and dealing the error with the emergency method.

Automatic filling capping machine

The working principle of the filling machine, is to achieve an effect of linkage. It is necessary to use a transmission machine to enable the various parts to work in coordination with each other. When the bottle reach a certain amount, there is a special infrared sensor on the bottle feeding track to receive the induction, and then automatically catch the back bottle. After the bottle in ahead finish filling, then let the behind bottle come to the filling station, to achieve no bottle, no filling. When the bottle enter the filling station, other working section will stop. The filling nozzle will stop working, when the bottle moved. The conveyor will keep working, the bottle stopper will also be released. The cleaned bottle will go through the bottle washing machine, bottle unscrambler, and lifted by the bottle lifting cylinder.The filling valve press the bottle mouth to form a seal. After the bottle is evacuated, the vacuum will suck the material in the hopper into the bottle. 

When the air pressure in the bottle is the same as the air pressure in the storage tank, the filling valve opens under the action of the filling valve. At this time, the material in the bottle will rise to a certain height and will close the air return nozzle and automatically stop filling.

Then close the filling valve and air valve, and discharging the air in the bottle ‘s neck, to avoid the material spew when the bottle goes down,thus completing the entire filling process.

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