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Working principle and advantages of high shear emulsifier
Aug 20, 2018

The high shearing vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is a high efficient,emulsifying machine which can achieve continuously production and dealing fine material cyclically; The motor drives the rotor to run at high speed, and the particle size of the liquid and solid-liquid materials is narrowed by the action of  centrifugal force, so that one phase is evenly distributed to the other phase or phases to achieve fine homogenization, dispersing and emulsification effect.  Thereby a stable emulsion state is formed. The machine also can connect with

the material feed pump, its applicability for the medium and high viscosity material. The equipment is low noise, stable operation and no dead angle. Thematerial can be dispersed and sheared completely;

Vacuum emulsifying top homogenizer with button control _副本.jpg 

The material of the machine can be SUS304 or SUS316L according to your requirement, it totally meet the GMP and sanitary standard. The spare parts we adopt imported world-know brand, to ensure the machines quality, so the machine can work stable.

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