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What should be paid attention to with the selection of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine
Jun 27, 2018

Aluminum pipe filling and sealing machine, designed according to GMP requirements, without dead angle, cleaning no residue, dedusting and sealing design, the ointment, cream, gel or viscosity fluid filled hose inside, and then fold the tail of the hose and print the code, produce finished products, package materials and filling materials.

Several points should be valued in the procurement of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine.

First of all, the workshop has invested heavily in processing equipment, and all parts are done by themselves.

Secondly, the advanced processing equipment is complete. In recent years, the cost of scientific research is invested in advanced machining equipment to ensure the quantity and quality of the equipment parts.

Third, there are strict rules and regulations for parts, assembly, inspection and business management processes.

Type filling sealing machine, imported original PLC control, imported original frequency conversion speed control, pneumatic original use (AIRTAC), imported original (SICK) photoelectric sensor, imported hot air blower and high steady flow meter formed hot air heating system, blowing hot air from the inner wall of the hose, thus melting plastic, and then beating the teeth (stripes, twill) and batch number). The sealing is firm and fast. It does not damage the appearance of the sealing part, and the sealing appearance is beautiful and neat.

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