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What matters to be noticed in the use of the vacuum emulsifier
Jun 27, 2018

The vacuum emulsifier is suitable for working under normal pressure, vacuum and positive pressure. The precise matching of the rotor and the stator of the vacuum homogenizing emulsification machine, the working head claw type structure, two-way suction, and high shearing efficiency. The shear head consists of a rotor and a stator, in which the rotor has a strong kinetic energy with its high linear speed and high frequency mechanical effect, so that the material is subjected to a comprehensive effect of shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact tearing and turbulence in the precise clearance of the rotor and stator, so as to achieve the effect of dispersion, grinding and emulsification.

Precautions for the use of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier:

1. The homogeneous cutting head of the vacuum emulsifying machine can not operate in the empty pot because of the high rotational speed, so as not to affect the sealing degree after local heating.

2, the vacuum emulsification machine grounding line needs reliable grounding to ensure electricity safety.

3. The homogenizer is reversed from top to bottom. When the electric motor is connected or not restarted for a long time, it should be turned. The stirrer is turned from the upper to the bottom, and the mixing leaves look down from the top down. When debugging, you should first stir the test run to make the homogenizer run.

4, every stirring before starting should move, check whether the scraper wall is abnormal, if there should be immediately removed.

5, before mixing the vacuum pumping work, check whether the pot is flat with the lid, whether the pot mouth, material cover and so on are tightly sealed, and the sealing is reliable.

6, before the shutdown of the vacuum pump, the ball valve before the vacuum pump should be closed first.

7. Vacuum pump vacuum pump can start operation under the sealing condition of homogenizing pan. If there is a special need, open the atmospheric start pump, and it can not run for more than 3 minutes.

8, before any maintenance or cleaning is necessary, the equipment must be cut off and connected to the power supply.

9, do not extend your hand into the kettle to prevent accidents.

10. If the vacuum emulsifier runs in the process of operation, it will stop immediately if there is any abnormal response.

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