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What is homogenizing head of vacuum emulsifying homogeneous mixer?
Dec 05, 2018


Vacuum emulsifying homogeneous mixer is a equipment which could dissolving ,mixing ,dispersering different kind of liquid ,viscosity material .The mixer is applying to cosmetic ,food and chemical line .

Homogenizing head is composed of rotor axis ,bearing ,bottom rotor ,bearing support ,bolt ,bottom stator ,rotor rod which be connected with bearing support .High speed shearing mixer is used for pre-mixing ,dissolving ,color-mixing process of liquid ,which also has a variety of dissolving plate and grader for different testing requirement .Rotation of vacuum pump is forbidden without any liquid medium.  Bottom stator is fixed under bearing support ,which like increase a full set of stator ,top rotor system .The construction of up and bottom stator is similar .This stator and rotor system which could dissolve material quickly and lessen size of particle with rotation between rotor axis ,bottom and top rotor as for few air produced while mixing . Vacuum pump could switch on under full-sealing condition of homogenizing mixer. Homogenizer head could sucking material from bottom and upside of vessel at the same time with portative force of axis blending ,which avoid death-end of material mixing .


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