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What are the advantages of stainless steel storage tank?
Jun 27, 2018

Stainless steel storage tanks, as the name suggests, are stainless steel tanks, which are well received by people. What are their advantages?

1, the stainless steel tank is well sealed; the sealed design completely eliminates the harmful substances and mosquito invading tanks in the air, ensuring that the water quality is not contaminated by the outside world and breeds the red worm.

2, the weight of the stainless steel tank is light and the wind load is small; a 10 cubic meter of stainless steel spherical tank is only more than 360 kilos of weight, only the weight of the cement pool 1/38, and the wind load is small, the appearance is beautiful, it can also be used with the advertisement. It is an excellent environmental protection product.

3, stainless steel tanks need not be cleaned regularly; the precipitating substances in the water can be discharged only if the sewage valve on the bottom of the tank is opened regularly. Once every 3 years, simple equipment can be used to remove scale once, which greatly reduces the cost of cleaning and completely avoids human bacterial contamination.

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