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Industry development of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine
Aug 10, 2018

Industry development of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine

Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is a ideal equipment to produce emulsion material with high viscosity, especially in cream and paste, soft cream and all kinds of emulsifier material etc. However, most of vacuum emulsifying mixer machine usually have two common problem are that grain diameter of dispersed phase is too large and vacuum technical level is not mature. Which will make product at a instability condition and lack gloss. Due to resolve these question, YHRHJ- series vacuum emulsifying mixer machines adopt the combination of homogenizer, stirring blades and scrapers. With the functions of homogenizing, stirring and scrapping in vacuum condition, YHRHJ- series vacuum emulsifying mixer machines achieve completely the perfect mixing products.




 The industry development of vacuum emulsifying mixer machine has become one of the strength of processing industry in China. The vacuum homogeneous emulsifier and high shear emulsifier all are newest products in emulsifier industry with world-class advance level which have been produced largely in recent years. Although the domestic emulsifier industry has remarkable achievement such as the vacuum emulsifiers are quite different varieties catering to customer requirements; mainframe products are developing well. But there are still have many defects in emulsifier industry: the technical standard still have a lot of place to improve; auxiliary machinery is still lagging behind; high-end products and automation products are insufficient and emulsifier proportion is low. Whats more most of enterprises of emulsifier industries are still state-owned enterprises, which are restricted by the state-owned systems so that it has no flexible mechanism; the period of overall development and launching new products are relatively slow. The characteristics of emulsifier machines for precision, reliability and stability all need to be further improved in China.


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