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Vacuum emulsifying mixer appling to carbomer procession
Nov 02, 2018


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Carbomer  is a very important rheology regulator which is crosslinked resin pentaerythritol and acrylic acid's chemical reaction.Carbomer is a excellent gel base material after neutralization reaction,which applied to cream,lotion,liquid as paart with stable bodiness result. As chemical part of cosmetic, Carbomer is used for the bodiness ,suspension,emulsifying.Thedensity of carbomer is very low,so it is easy flying up. It is easy to float on the liquid surface and dissolve in liquid resulting in clumping phenomenon without high speed mixing .Viscosity of finished product is sensitive PH rate,so adding ph chemical regulator for adjusting viscosity of finished product is needed.

Vacuum emulsifying mixer from Aerospace Machinery is suitable for carbomer's character during production.

*More easier for mixing with liquid .We could offer multiform procession way for carbomer dissolving.

*Rator and stator in our homogenizer head which could make sure no clumping to carbomer while milling 

*The difference between other mixer and our vacuum emulsifying mixer is that the material we used in machine is not sensitive to chemcial parts.Meanwhile,powder adding system we could design to customer with PLC control system.

* After milling between stator and rator ,powder could be humidifying well which good for PH rate adjusting and avoid alkali liquid adding for PH adjusting .

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