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Type of emulsifier
Aug 20, 2018

With the continuous enhancement of China's industrial strength and industry chain expand, the production capacity of chemical equipment has also been greatly improved, the emulsifier processing industry has become one of the strengths of China's industry. The vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is the professional equipment, achieving dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing for the material by the precision stator and rotor.

Nowadays the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine has several type as follow:

1. Bottom emulsifier: The bottom emulsifier is a kind of crush and homogenizing equipment which is installed on the bottom of the reactor, It is generally with the equipment such as vertical emulsifiers and pipeline emulsifiers, to solves the problems of pulverization and emulsification of bottom sediments that cannot be solved by other equipment effectively.

Fixed Vacuum emulsifying mixer _副本.jpg

2. Pipeline emulsifiers:The pipeline emulsifier is consist with three layer or multi-layer Occlusal stators and rotors, the material is shearing, dispersing and emulsifying constantly. Thereby ensuring the high degree of dispersion of the multiphase liquid and the rapid refinement of the particles; the pipeline emulsifier is used for the emulsification, homogenization and dispersion of industrial production

3.Vacuum emulsifying mixer: The vacuum emulsifying mixer machine means that the material is distributed equally in the vacuum condition, by the high shearing vacuum emulsifying mixer. The strong power make the material shear in the tiny gap between the stator and rotor, emulsion is dispersed evenly in an instant. After high-frequency circulation, a high-quality product with no bubbles and fineness is obtained.

Emulsifiers are a common production equipment in the chemical industry, our company has many years of experience in the field of fine chemical equipment, and constantly improve the production process of emulsifier. Now we can provide various types of laboratory emulsifier, industrial emulsifier and emulsifier non-standard customized service.

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