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The process of the cosmetic emulsion
Aug 21, 2018

With the improve of the cosmetic R&D technology, there are several method of emulsion production. You can choose any method according to the need of the production process. But no matter which method you choose, you must meet the basic requirements for cosmetic production.  Mature technology and formula, suitable emulsifying equipment, reasonable production methods, can get high quality products.

The high shearing vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is the mainly production equipment for the modern cosmetics industry. With the development of the emulsifying equipment, the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine become more and more intelligent. Increased the output and speed of cosmetics greatly.

Internal and external circulation Vacuum emulsifying mixer_副本_副本.jpg

The standard vacuum emulsifying mixer machine usually equipped with water tank, oil tank, and main tank, mixing agitator, vacuum, heating and cooling, homogenizer, and defoaming. Material inlet and discharging easily , and convenient to clean.

(1)Oil tank preparing

Cosmetic raw materials for the oil phase: petroleum, grease, wax, emulsifier and other oil-soluble components are added to the oil phase, open the heating function, then mixing and heat to 70 ~ 75 ° C. It is important to avoid prolonged heating or overheating, as well as oxidation of the oil phase material. The emulsification process can be carried out, after the content of the oxidizable oil, preservative and other materials are dissolved in the oil tank.

(2) Water tank preparing

Prepare the Deionized water with the water treatment machine, and adding the water into the water tank, and then adding the water-soluble ingredients: glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol, moisturizing factors, and etc, Then stirred and heated to 90 - 100 ° C, disinfected for 20 minutes, and then cooled to 70 ~ 80 ° C. If the cosmetic formulation contains water soluble polymers, it is recommended to configure them separately.

(3) Emulsifying

The material in the water tank and oil tank was sucked into the main tank by the dosing pump according to the proportion. Then we set the mixing,homogenizing speed, time and temperature, to finish the emulsifying.


(4) Cooling and discharging

After high hearing emulsifying, cooling the emulsion to the room temperature.

The discharge temperature depends on the softening temperature of the emulsification system. Generally, it flows out of the emulsification pot using its own gravity, and can also be extracted or extruded with pressurized air.


(5)Storage and packaging

Generally, The material will be stored for several days,  to evaluate the quality of the product, then filling after confirm the product qualified. In addition to the mature technology and formula, the emulsifying equipment is also important to ensure the stable of the product. Guangzhou Aerospace Automation & Technology Machinery Co.,Ltd has more than 20 years working experience, we are not only can offer the high quality production equipment, but also offer the solution to the cosmetic manufactures, for high quality cosmetic production.


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