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The precautions during the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine transportation
Jan 26, 2019

As a manufacturer of the vacuum emulsifying mixer, our equipment has supplied to every where in China and to all around the world. Those equipment from our factory to customer’s side, need several kinds transparent method. For domestic customer, we usually adopt express, land carriage or railway transportation. And for foreign customer, we usually deliver the machines by ocean or Air.

The emulsifier is a medium and large machine. The unit is usually composed of multiple components, such as: water pot & oil pot, structure, platform, controller. The smallest size of the emulsifier is similar to the height of an adult. The height is close to 5 meters. If it is a stainless steel mixing tank, the size of a dozen tons is very large. In addition, the weight of the emulsified machine ranges from a few hundred kilograms to four or five thousand kilograms. Since there are many precision instrument parts in the emulsifier, the size and size of the equipment are relatively large, so what should be paid attention to when transporting the emulsifying mixer machine?

1.The manufacturer of the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine, will be packed in the wooden case before deliver, to make sure the safety of the motor in transportation.

2.When packing and transporting, the emulsifying mixer machine must be firmly fixed on the wooden beam of the bottom of the wooden case. The inside of the packing case should be padded with moisture-proof paper and oil felt. It is best to put in a moisture barrier.

3. When transporting, be careful not to turn the equipment over to avoid damage to the machine.

4. Under normal circumstances, after the assembly is complete, the minimum part of the main pot is completely transported. However, if it is difficult to transport, it is allowed to disassemble and transport the motor cover, platform and water tank, but it is necessary to prevent foreign matter from entering the equipment parts and missing the accessories.

5. Domestic transportation, you can arrive in the next one or two days. If you are far away, you can usually arrive in a few days. The transportation time is short, relatively fast and safe. In the case of foreign freighters, Southeast Asian countries generally arrive faster, and Europe, America, Australia and Africa will be slower. When transporting by water, the sea time is relatively long. The seawater with salt and sea water will cause certain corrosion on the stainless steel surface of the machine. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the equipment needs to be rust-proof before shipment. The method is sprayed with anti-rust oil, and so on.

As a professional emulsifying mixer manufacturer, we strive to achieve excellence in the selection, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of our machines, ensuring that the superior quality products are delivered to customers.

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