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The high speed rotation of homogenizer
Aug 20, 2018

The vacuum emulsifying mixer can shearing, dispersing, shocking the material by the high speed rotation homogenizer which is connect with the motor, to make the material more exquisite. It is widely applied to the cosmetic, shower gel, sun screen, and other cream product.  It’s also applied to the food, pharmacy, chemical for the fruit jam, juice, ointment and paint, etc.

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The vacuum emulsifying mixer machine plays a very important role in the Industrial mixing equipment. Especially for the solid-liquid mixing, liquid mixing, Oil-water emulsification, dispersion homogenization, shear grinding has extremely important applications.The reason why it is called an emulsifier is that it can achieve emulsification. The oil-water two-phase medium is thoroughly mixed to form an emulsion, which is divided into two types: water-in-oil or oil-in-water.

To achieve emulsification, there are two requirements: First, strong mechanical cutting and dispersion, the water phase and the oil phase The fluid medium is simultaneously cut and broken into small particles, and then merged and merged to form an emulsion. The second is a suitable emulsifier, acting as a medium bridge between oil and water molecules. Through the action of its charge and intermolecular force, the oil-water mixed emulsion can be stably stored according to the time we need.

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When people get used to obtaining fine particles through a high-pressure homogenizer, “thinning” is equal to “homogeneous”, so the effect of the emulsifier on the refinement and thorough blending of the material is “homogeneous”. Therefore, we can also refer to the emulsifier as a homogenizer. For easy differentiation, it can generally be crowned at high speed or high shear homogenizer, so that there are many kinds of emulsification machines: high shear emulsifier, high shear Cutting homogenizer, high shear dispersing emulsifier, high shear homogenizing emulsifier, high shear homogenizing and dispersing emulsifier.

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