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The features of vacuum emulsifying mixer machine
Aug 20, 2018

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The vacuum emulsifying mixer, the tank body is welded by the high quality stainless steel. The emulsification process of the emulsifier is carried out under fully sealed conditions. It prevent dust and microbial pollution Effectively. The cover of the tank can be automatic listing. The material in the water pot and oil pot can be sucked into the main tank directly in the vacuum condition. The material can be discharged by the tilting main tank. The tank can be heated by the electric or steam. The temperature can be setting and automatic control.

The cooling water also can be added to the jacket to cool the material, easy to operate.

The homogenizer and blender can be separately or simultaneously. The emulsifying, mixing, homogenizing and dispersing of the material can be finished in a short time.

The material in the pot is mixed and emulsified by high-speed shearing and homogenizer,  the double direction blender with the PTFE scraper, help to mix the material entirely, and the scraper close to the wall of the pot so the material will not stick on the wall of the pot, without leaving a dead angle. And the ideal frequency conversion speed control device can make its speed arbitrary stepless speed regulation.

The equipment installed sight light on the cover, for operators to observe the emulsification of the material at any time. The structure of the tank body is made of three layers, heating and cooling can be finished in the same jacket. The outer layer of the jacket has an aluminum silicate insulation layer to ensure production safety.

The cooling water inlet hole installed on the tank body. The air filter, material inlet, vacuum pump connector, CIP cleaning ball, CIP connector, and spices adding hole. vacuum gauge, and sight glass are installed on the cover. Each part is connected by a clamp, easy to disassemble and cleaning.

All the part that connect with the material we adopt high quality SUS 316L, mirror polish, totally meet the GMP and sanitary standard.

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