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The Features of the liquid homogenizing mixing machine
Aug 22, 2018

The liquid homogenizing mixing machine is mainly applied to the liquid soap such as shampoo, dish-washing soap, shower gel, and detergent. The machine is consisted with mixing, dispersing or homogenizing, heating, cooling, electric control, temperature sensor and operating platform. It is the ideal equipment for the liquid product production.

Features & Advantage:

1. The omnidirectional blender with TPFE scraper adopt frequency conversion speed adjustment, can satisfy production of different technology requirement.

2. Diversified high-speed homogenizer, strong mixed solid and liquid raw materials and dissolve insoluble materials such as AES/AESA/LSA quickly in liquid washing production, saving energy consumption and greatly shortening the production cycle.

3. The tank is made by three stainless steel layer, the tank and pipe are mirror polished, Totally meet the requirement of the GMP standard.

4. Can be customized according to the production process, the machine can be heating and cooling, the heating method we used is steam heating or electric heating.


1. Cosmetic: skin care, Shaving cream, shampoo. Toothpaste, facial cleanser, hand cream, etc.

2. Daily-chemical: liquid soap, hand soap, detergent, Car glass water, etc.

3. Pharmacy: Latex, emulsion, ointment , oral syrup, oral solution, etc.

4. Food: Sauces, cheese, nutrient solution, baby food, chocolate, sugar, etc.

5. Chemical industry: latex, sauce, saponified products, paints, coatings, resins, adhesives, lubricants, etc.

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