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The development of the filling production line
Aug 21, 2018

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In recent years, China's filling machinery has development rapidly. However,compared with the international advanced technology, the production level is still far away.

This provides an opportunity for the development of China's filling machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also raises the higher requirements.

The development of filling machinery, especially in daily chemical industry, is mainly in the aspects of high speed, high degree of automation and reliability.

Firstly, the same equipment can be applied to fill liquid, emulsion and other materials , and has high filling speed and working stability.

Secondly, The equipment has high technical content and high reliability. The testing equipment and measuring equipment are complete, which makes the measurement accurate and high-quality optoelectronic products are continuously developed.

Thirdly, Strong equipment supply capacity, such as the beverage filling line, combined with the microcomputer control part, software control and bottle filling, cap sealing  combining theory with practice.

China filling industry is a high growth industry, widely used in various fields.

Guangzhou Aerospace Automation & Technology Machinery Co.,Ltd. Brings the world's most advanced packaging machinery technology, we have developed a production equipment with high-precision filling production efficiency, automatic filling and capping.

In the service to different factories, Guangzhou Aerospace Automation &  Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. has many unique advantages and specialties, and summed up many experiences to successfully solve the problems of foaming, dripping and filling accuracy in the filling moment; Our company , we have more than 10 years working experience in the vacuum emulsifying mixer, filling machine, water treatment, and others,  formed a complete set of cosmetics equipment suppliers, and the products are exported to all around the world.

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