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The Advantage of making cream, emulsion with the vacuum emulsifying mixer
Aug 21, 2018

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The lotion and cream produced by the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine, not only have delicate, silky, shiny appearance, but also the internal nature is very stable.  In the operate process, it’s request the operator has proficient skills and rich experience, It is also necessary to deal with several problems in the process to prepare the ideal milk and cream.

The traditional cream production method, is to heat the oil phase and water phase to the suitable temperature,  then packaging the material after mixing, emulsifying, and cooling. The cream made by this method has a large emulsion, and it’s different to eliminate the bubble which foamed during the mixing process. It cause the cream porous, lack of luster, easy to be polluted by bacteria, therefor and influence the stability of the preparation.By contrast, the cream produced by the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine, No bubble, paste smooth , exquisite, good ductility and long saving time.

The continuous high shearing vacuum emulsifying mixer machine can be optimization according to the practical application, can suitable for oil-in-water, water-in-oil, or phases emulsion production.


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