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Temperature Influence Emulsion Effect Of Vacuum Emulsifying Homogeneous Mixer
Nov 26, 2018

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Emulsifying temp is not regulared strictly in a emulsification process. Water and oil could be emulsified with mixing under normal temp when they are liquid .Generally speaking ,temp of emulsifying is decided by highest melting point of product ,emulsifier type ,dissolving degree of water and oil .

When temp of water and oil tank almost the same ,especially material composed of wax,greasy with melting point above 70℃.While emulsion processing ,low-temperature water not be allowed to add into tank for avoiding crystallization before emulsion working that might resulting in gruff surface and clumping to product .


Temp of water and oil phase would be controlled between 75℃to 85℃. If some wax composition in formula has higher melting point , melting temp need more higher .Density of chemical composition increased while emulsion process also would influence mixing process. So temp of emulsifying need be more higher . If emulsifier has phase inversion temp ,temp of emulsion could in keeping with phase inversion temp.

Sometimes size of Particulate has effect on temp of emulsifying ,such as fatty acid emulsifier .

Temp of emulsifying is 80℃,size of particulate be around 1.8-2.0um, and be around 6um with 60℃.

If you need get a great emulsion result ,taking care of every details is very important .Temp plays a influential roles in emulsion process .



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