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Technology Request To Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Oct 17, 2018

全自动软管灌装封尾机 Auto plastic tube filling&sealing Machine 2.jpg

Tube filling and sealing machine including  tube loading ,material filling ,tube sealing function in a whole machine .All material used to tube filling and sealing machine is 304 stainless steel .  Tube filling and sealing machine widely used in different line,such like AB glue  ,hair color cream ,toothpaste,facial cream etc. 

Technology requested to tube filling and sealing machine :

1, machine must be conformed to technology standard and design with approval by standard  industry rules 

2,Machine stable working ,sensitive component reaction ,no abnormal noise 

3, Ground connection system according with international requirement .

4, Ari circuit of machine need be connected well without any air leaking or oil leaking 

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