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Some Information about Aerospace Industrial Cosmetic Equipment
Sep 05, 2018

Industrial cosmetic equipment is a kind of multifunctional mixing equipment, which can heat and cool the material and mix emulsifying material.

In the process of emulsification of materials, the emulsifying pot heats the materials, and the materials generate mixture reaction in the main pot. If the heating system is abnormal, the production and processing aspect of materials will be badly affected. In the abnormal phenomenon of heating system, sometimes the heating temperature can not be reached. What is the cause of this phenomenon and how can we solve it?
一、 Reason

1. There is a problem with the heating power supply of the heating motor equipped of the industries cosmetic equipment.

2. .The material can absorb heat too fast in the stainless steel tank which is higher than the external heat supply rate.

3. The heating resistance wire that is broken or  the internal heating plate is damaged causing the temperature to fail working

4. The computer device of temperature controller was damaged so that the operator didnt know  the heating condition in the main tank.
二、 Resolving

If you encounter similar problems in the process of using the industries cosmetic equipment, you can refer to the reasons for analysis and corresponding treatment as below:

If the above reasons are excluded after analysis and inspection, it is suggested that you should ask professional technicians of the manufacturer to carry out maintenance. It is strictly prohibited that you should not disassemble and assemble by yourself to avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment.

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