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Some Advantages of Aerospace Vacuum Emulsifying Machine
Nov 07, 2018

Vacuum emulsifying machine is necessary equipment for producing various kinds of ointment, cosmetics, skin care products, cream and other cream products etc. With the simple structure, convenient operation, novel appearance and reliable performance, it is a ideal machine for production of pharmaceutical, biological, cosmetic, chemical, food, petroleum and other industries.

The working principle of Vacuum emulsifying machine: High shear emulsifier  and distribute one or more phases to another continuous phase, and the strong kinetic energy all cause the material in the narrow gap between rotor and stator to bear several hundred thousand times of hydraulic shear per minute in the vacuum condition. Then, high quality products will be made through high frequency of shearing, rubbing and knocking circularly.


  • The vacuum emulsifying machine adopts the upper coaxial three heavy mixer;

  • The hydraulic lift opens the cover, which is very convenient for people to clean completely;

  • The high homogenizer speed: 0-3500r/min (frequency control);

  • The blender speed : 0-86r/min(frequency control);

  • In the process of stirring, the material is circulated by rotor and stator to achieve emulsifying effect;

  • Vacuum sucking material especially for powder material to avoid dust. The whole process is carried out in the vacuum condition to prevent the material from forming air bubbles after being stirred at high speed, which can meet the requirements of being sanitary and aseptic;

  •  This machine is equipped with CIP cleaning system and  main tank body which contact with materials adopted SUS316L material; inner surface mirror polishing 300 U (health);

  •  In order to ensure the stability of the control part, electric control part adopts Germany's Siemens product, button adopts Japan Fuji products, inverter adopts Japan Panasonic etc. Aerospace Vacuum Emulsifying Machine meet GMP standard and is the most ideal equipment in China.

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