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Selection of Aerospace Filling and Sealing Machine and Quality Assurance
Nov 13, 2018

From the beginning of establishment, Aerospace company still held the service concept  Credit First, Customer Prioritywith high-tech, high-quality as a starting point. And our machines with high quality and reasonable price are popular in the country and southeast Asia's customers, our company will provide high quality products and good after-sales service including designing, manufacturing, installation, debugging and update technology for machines equipment etc.

 Aerospace filling and sealing machine can inject all kinds of paste, paste and cream, viscosity fluid and other materials into the tube accurately and complete thermo-air heating, sealing, marking batch number and production date etc.

It is suitable for filling and sealing aluminum/ plastic/multiplex tube for medicine, food, cosmetics and daily chemical industry, etc.

Automatic Outer Heating Tube Filling and Sealing Machine1.png

 The filling and sealing machine adopts the closed and semi-closed filling paste and liquid material, the sealing has no leakage, the filling weight and capacity are consistent, the filling, sealing and printing are completed at a time, and it is suitable for the product packaging in the fields of medicine, daily chemical, food and chemical industries such as: dermatitis ping, ointment, hair dye, toothpaste, shoe polish, adhesive, AB glue, epoxy adhesive, chloroprene and other materials. It is an ideal filling and sealing equipment for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, fine chemical and other industries.

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