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Safe use of vacuum emulsifier
Jun 27, 2018

With the development of economy and the development of science and technology, more and more machinery equipment enter the factory. In the field of chemical industry, the vacuum emulsifier is widely used in the market. The vacuum emulsifier is running stable and easy to operate. However, as a kind of large-scale application equipment, it still needs to pay more attention to its operation.

First, connect the power supply of the vacuum emulsifier and the power supply, and pay attention to the reliable grounding of the ground wire, turn on the total power switch, and the power indicator light is bright. When the motor is connected or does not need to be reused for a long time, it should be moved to trial run, and the emulsion cylinder will turn from top to bottom to reverse. When debugging, you should first stir the test run to make the homogenizer run. Correctly connect all pipes of the homogenizing pan (including overflow outlets, water outlets and outlets).

Secondly, before vacuuming, it is necessary to check whether the pot is flat with the lid, whether the pot mouth, material cover and so on are covered tightly, and the sealing is reliable. Close the valve interface on the cover of the pot, then open the vacuum valve on the lid of the pot, then open the vacuum pump to vacuum, and close the vacuum pump and close the vacuum valve at the same time.

Homogeneous cutting, scraper stirring: after feeding (when debugging, use water instead) then open the corresponding control switch to control the operation of the homogenizer and the operation of the scraper stirring.  Before starting the emulsion, it should also be moved to check if there is any abnormality in the stirring wall. If so, it should be removed immediately.

Finally, the vacuum pump can start operation under the sealing condition of the homogenizing pan. If there is a special need to open the atmospheric start pump, the operation can not run for 3 minutes. The vacuum pump is strictly forbidden to operate without working fluid. The exhaust port is strictly prohibited when the pump is running. Regularly check the lubricating oil and grease in the parts and bearings, and replace the clean lubricating oil and grease in time.

Maintain the cleanliness of the homogenizer of the vacuum emulsifier. Every time to stop using or replacing the material, the contact part of the homogenizer and the working fluid should be cleaned, especially the cutting sleeve of the head, the sliding bearing and the shaft sleeve in the homogenized shaft sleeve. After the cleaning and reassembly, the hand turn impeller should have no stagnation. The motor of the pot body and the two flange of the pot cover is relatively fixed, and there is no other abnormal, so it can start the operation.

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