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Promote Lifting Type Mixing Machine Development by Innovation
Sep 25, 2018

According to experts said, with the fast development of related industries of food, pharmacy, cosmetics, lifting type mixing machine industries has also been driven up sharply in China but the current situation cannot meet the requirement of  food industries development because of  immature technology. So it is no doubt that strengthening information construction is the most important measure in our country. 

Vacuum emulsifier industries is one of the information technology industries. As for manufacturing industries of vacuum emulsifier, Its information mainly concludes digitization,integration,flexibility,intelligentization, virtuallization of manufacturing progress and globalization.

The key to the development of the lifting mixing machine is to improve information technology to drive and enhance the manufacturing technology level of lifting type mixing machine industry.

Product aspect

Vacuum emulsifier is combination of information technology and computer technology to improve quality,function and additional value of machine concluding designing of product and manufacturing technology such as CAD,CAM,CAPP etc skills.

二 Technology aspect

With the automatic skill of producing machine, vacuum emulsifier achieves automation including date control equipment and data control for processing line production etc.

Management aspect

Achieve comprehensive management between inner management and information management of enterprise by using computer system such as ERP and SCM.

 四 Market aspect

By launching e-commerce through the internet, enterprises can reduce intermediate links, reduce sales costs and improve market competitiveness, such as implementing customer relationship management system (CRM) and carrying out e-commerce.

At present, many lifting type mixing machine enterprises have a lot of orders through the network.

The informatization of lifting type mixing machine industry can promote manufacturing enterprises to improve the speed of market reaction, enhance the flexibility of production, strengthen the cost control, make the enterprises easy to cope with the fierce competitive environment and improve the competitive power etc.

Therefore, it is imperative to promote the informatization construction of lifting type mixing machine industry.

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