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Plastic tube filling and sealing machine 's function and application
Nov 05, 2018

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Introduction of plastic tube filling and sealing machine 

To fusing two side of tube with heating function ,which guarantee low defective rate and great sealing result .Tube filling and sealing machine be divided into three different tube material which would make sealing way different . The first one is ,plastic tube filling and sealing machine. Secondly aluminum tube filling sealing machine .Thirdly , complex tube filling and sealing machine 

Character of tube filling and sealing machine 

PLC control system 

Automatic tube loading which design is compacted could save space .

Process of working is from tube loading -tube sensing -tube filling -tube sealing /tube folding- seal cutting -tube outing  

Whole process working with pneumatic system 

Automatic color label marking by photoelectric sensor 

Easy dissassembly 

Automatic temperature controller and cooling system 

Rated material feeder and quantity accouter easy for customer operation 

All material used is 316L stainless steel which reach GMP standard 

Included safety system which could no tube no filling ,stop machine while pressure overloaded . Meanwhile, if you open the machine gate ,machine would stop working immediately.

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