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Personalized Development of Aerospace Emulsifier Machine
Sep 14, 2018

 Aerospace Emulsifier Machine is applied to normal pressure working, vacuum condition and positive discharging. The homogenizer of emulsifier machine is the combination of stator and rotor that can be generate a strong kinetic energy with

extremely high speed and high frequency mechanical effects. Special stator and rotor bring out strong shearing, rubbing and knocking functions to make the material keep stable condition.

 Since 2004, the development of Aerospace emulsifier machine was be payed more attention to refined development. Every detail of machine including size, type and functional structure all need to be designed more and more personal. Which is gradually becoming unique products according to people requirement.  Development of intelligentize, modernization and technicallization are also important process to customized emulsifier machine. The intelligent emulsifier machine is more convenient and simple for people to operate.

 Aerospace emulsifier machine is still following the development trend of emulsifier industry and in order to satisfy personal requirement of customers. with individuation service, our company is continually extending our market in the world and is customizing the most ideal machines for every customer.

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