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Manufacturing technology requests of vacuum emulsifying mixer
Dec 14, 2018


Material of vacuum emulsifying mixer which contact product using 316L stainless steel . Other is 304 stainless steel .Customer could choose material according to medium character and target.


About tech requests of vacuum mixer’s manufacturing and sealing , related documents could for checking in manufacturing line .Some vacuum emulsifying mixer need be acid washing or passivation with cleaning and anti-corrosion .Meanwhile , Most of vacuum emulsifying mixer for cosmetics and chemical production ,inner and outer polishing need be dealed which could reach sanitary standard.


Generally speaking ,polishing standard need be tested with requests as follow:

1) Surface roughness of polishing could be 0.1um above .

2) Sealing place must be smooth ,bulges below 0.5mm.

3) Pits deepness below 0.5mm.

4) Pitting quantity must less than 5pcs with deepness below 0.5mm under polishing  cover of 400cm2

Quality of vacuum emulsifying mixer ‘s joint part need be pay more attention during manufacturing process because vacuum mixer has heating or cooling jacket .It must testing pressure in jacket without any other testing way which could make sure pressure-standing of jacket stable .

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