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Manufacturing Process of Skin Care
Dec 16, 2018

In the producing process of skin care product, vaseline is the most important  raw material for cosmetics such as cream products always using vaseline as main material. Melting vaseline and other materials ( temperature: 60°) was sucked into the main tank by negative pressure and were mixed in the negative pressure condition until becoming balanced product. The cream  manufacturing technique has universality that mainly concluding pre-heating, emulsifying, mixing, cooling and packaging etc process. All of them, the emulsifying function has the most effect for quality of cream product. In order to produce great product, producing facilities usually adopt vacuum negative pressure mixing machine with the better emulsifying effects, named vacuum emulsifying mixer machine.


 Manufacturing technique of cream cosmetics

The discharging material method of Vacuum emulsifying mixing machine can adopt tilting-type discharging or discharging in the bottom of main tank.The heating and cooling function can heat or cool material in the tank via heating the water or oil in the jacket layer of tank body. And temperature sensor can transmit number of temperature degrees of main tank into control panel.It is very ease and convenient for operator to operate and control temperature of main tank. Besides the mixing time and speed can be set. The tank body adopts imported 316L or 304 L stainless steel material and inner appearance of tanks adopts 300 U mirror polish which all meet GMP standard.

    Aerospace Vacuum emulsifying mixing machine mainly consists of water tank, oil tank and main tank. We also can     provide water tank and oil tank, stainless platform, lifting system, control method and material ect or not                   according to customers requirement and there are more types can be chosen. Aerospace 5L or 10L laboratory         small emulsifier is suitable to researching and developing products for cosmetics, pharmacies and research                 institutions and institutions and collect data etc. Other types have 30L, 50L,100L, 150L,200L,250L, 350L, 650L, 850L,    1000L, 1300L, 2000L, 5000L etc, large types stainless mixing tank can be customized 10T which all meet different        requirements from all kinds of scale enterprises.

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