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Maintenance Method for External Circulation Vacuum Emulsifier
Sep 18, 2018

The external circulation vacuum emulsifier shear, disperse and impact the material by high-speed rotation of the homogenized head connected with the engine. In this way, the material will become more delicate, promoting the oil and water to melt. Many products such as cosmetics, body lotions, sunscreens, and other creams and food industries like sauces and juice all are produced via an external vacuum emulsifier.

The external circulation vacuum emulsifier is composed of a tank body, a stirring device and a intermittent high-shear emulsifier or a tube line high-shear emulsifier. The slow speed mixer is composed of blade paddle mixer and a frame mixer. A scraper is installed around the frame mixer. The high speed homogeneous emulsifier is composed of a high-speed rotating impeller and a stator with a radial flow channel. The upper and lower blades of the specially designed impeller rotate at high speed, so that the material is sucked up and down from the impeller at high pressure, and then ejected at high speed by centrifugal force through the impeller. Because there's a small gap between the impeller and the stator, so the material in the process of inhaled and thrown through a strong shear, extrusion, mixing, injection, high-frequency oscillation and a series of complicated physical reaction, to mix material sufficient emulsification, because for with slow mixing speed reverse sinistral ongoing, eventually make the whole container material top-down cycle for dispersing, homogeneous mixing and emulsifying.

Maintenance method for external circulation vacuum emulsifier:

1. After the finishing production, the external circulation vacuum emulsifying machine must be cleaned, which not only maintains the working efficiency of the rotor, but also plays the role of protecting the secret seal of external circulation vacuum emulsification. When necessary, a set of cleaning circulation device is designed and installed near the peripheral.

2. After the external circulation vacuum emulsifier is confirmed to switch on the machine to seal the cooling water, start the motor. The motor should be changed to the same direction sign of the spindle again and again.

3. If liquid leakage is found at the shaft during operation, the pressure of the machine seal must be adjusted after stopping the machine.

4. According to the medium used by the user, the import and export filter must be cleaned regularly to avoid reducing the amount of incoming material, which will affect the production efficiency. The material entering the working chamber must be fluid, do not allow dry powder, mass of material directly into the machine, otherwise, will cause smothering and damage the emulsifier.

5. Metal shavings or hard and unbreakable sundries are strictly forbidden to enter the working chamber of the external circulation vacuum emulsifier, so as to avoid the devastating damage to the working stator, rotor and equipment.

6. Before using the external circulation vacuum emulsifier, work out corresponding safety operation rules to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. In the electrical control system users should set up a safety protection system and have a good reliable electrical motor grounding device.

7. The external circulation vacuum emulsifier shall check the rotor regularly and find excessive wear, and the corresponding parts shall be replaced in time to ensure the effect of dispersing and emulsifying.

8. When using the emulsifier, the liquid material must be continuously input or maintain a certain amount in the container. The external circulation vacuum emulsifier should avoid the operation of the air machine, so as to avoid the material in the work of high temperature or crystallization and solidification equipment damage!

9. In case of any abnormal sound or other fault in the operation of the external circulation vacuum emulsifier, it shall immediately stop the machine for inspection and operate after troubleshooting. When the external circulation vacuum emulsifier stops, the working chamber and rotor should be cleaned.

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