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Made Our Life Become More Convenient by Using Homo Mixer Machine
Aug 21, 2018

Aerospace homo mixer machine consists of mixing tank,water tank and oil tank, cooling and heating system, vacuum system, hydraulic system, automatic feeding system and electronic appliance controlling system etc.


Aerospace homo mixer machine is suitable for Oil matrix, cream matrix and water solubility products, especially in matrix material with high viscosity and high content of solid material.


Simple operation, stable performance, good homogeneity, high production efficiency, easy cleaning, reasonable structure, small landing area and high degree of automation


Aerospace homo mixer machine adopts triple blending and the opens the cover by hydraulic cylinder automatically. The high mixing speed is 0-86 r/min (frequency conversion speed adjustment) and the rapid homogenizing speed is 0-3500r/min(frequency conversion speed adjustment)

The homogenizer of Aerospace homo mixer machine use high shear homogenizer vortex type emulsifying mixer, stir slowly scraping the wall close to the bottom of the pot and the pot wall automatically. In the process of stirring, the material is circulated by homogenizer to achieve emulsifying effect. Using Aerospace homo mixer machine is better to absorb material in vacuum condition, especially for powder material to avoid dust flying. The vacuum defoaming can make the material meet the requirement of being sanitary and aseptic. This system of homo mixer machine is equipped with CIP cleaning system, container parts in contact with materials manufactured SUS316L material, inner surface mirror polishing 300 EMSH (health) and in order to ensure the stability of the control part, frequency changer adopts panosonic material from Japan, button adopts Japan Fuji products, electronic motor adopts ABB material from Switzerland etc. The Aerospace homo mixer machine meet the GMP standard and is an ideal suppository device in China

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