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Influencing Factors for the Performance of Vacuum Emulsifier
Sep 26, 2018

Vacuum emulsifier is a complete set of system integrating mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and powder absorbing. With PLC control system, it also can be used with peripheral oil and water tank, vacuum and heating/cooling system, etc. Vacuum emulsifier is a special equipment for producing medical ointment, high-grade cream and emulsion.

The center of the upper material by emulsifying pot stirring. Scraper always cater to stir the pot body, sweep hang wall stick material, cause the scrape materials constantly produce new interface, with rotating blades cutting again, compression, folding, the stirring, mixing and flowing downward to the bottom of the pot body homogenizer, material by high-speed rotating cutting wheel produced by cutting with fixed set of strong shearing, impacting, turbulence. The vacuum emulsifying machine adopts the vacuum mixing method so that the products produced are no longer mixed with air bubbles in the process of stirring, so as to ensure that the products with high gloss, delicacy and good ductility. Vacuum emulsifier is an excellent equipment for emulsifying the product. During the operation of this equipment, many factors can affect the final emulsification effect!

1. Emulsion time

Influence: the emulsifying time has a great influence on the quality of the emulsifying body. The amount of emulsifying time is closely related to the efficiency of the emulsifying equipment.

Factors to be determined: the length of emulsifying time shall be determined according to the volume ratio and viscosity of oil and water tank , viscosity of emulsifying body, type and amount of emulsifier, and emulsifying temperature.

2. Temperature

Influence: the emulsifying temperature has great influence on the emulsifying body. Determination factors: the emulsifying temperature depends on the solubility of oil tank and water tank, the melting degree of substances with high melting point and the type of emulsifier. Generally, the temperature of emulsification is between 75 and 85 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of oil and water should be the same. If there is a high melting point in the oil, the emulsifying temperature will be relatively high; If the viscosity increases during the emulsification, the emulsifying temperature can be appropriately increased. If the used emulsifier has a certain temperature of tank transition, the emulsifying temperature should be around the temperature of tank transition.

3. Mixing speed

Moderate mixing speed enables the oil tank and water tank to mix completely. The mixing speed is too low to achieve the purpose of full mixing. Too high stirring speed of vacuum emulsifier will bring air bubbles making the emulsifier products unstable and affecting the appearance.

These factors cannot be avoided during the operation of the vacuum emulsifier, so it is necessary to master these factors to give full play to the performance of the whole equipment

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