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How to discharging the material when finish emulsifying
Oct 09, 2018

The Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is a efficient, fast mixing equipment, It can help the Incompatibility raw material divided into one phase or several phases. According to the products process requirement, we can adjust the mixing speed , homogenizing speed and temperature, or adding appropriate additive, after high-frequency dispersing and emulsifying, thereby we get high quality and stable product.

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It’s widely applied to the cosmetic, food, pharmacy and chemical industries. In order to achieve the best effect of the equipment, the operator should be very familiar with the operation of the emulsifier. Today, we share the emulsifier machine how to discharge the material, when finish the work.
After the emulsification time of the material in the emulsifier reaches required time, the following steps can be used for the discharging operation:

Before discharging, first stop emulsifying or  press the emergency stop button directly on the “emulsification stirring inverter” to stop the operation of the homogenizer.

Slow stirring device continues to run without stopping

Rotate the button for the bottom valve discharge on the control panel to the right, then open the bottom discharge valve of the emulsifier

If there is a material storage tank, the material in the emulsifier can be transported to the storage tank through the transfer pump.

The emulsifier operator should pay attention to the maintenance and correct use of the equipment to ensure the smooth operation of the emulsifier equipment and smooth production.

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