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How to choose a suitable vacuum emulsifying mixer machine for the cosmetic production
Aug 20, 2018

The cosmetic vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is consist with homogenizing main tank(lifting cover, tilting main tank), water tank, oil tank, blender with scraper, vacuum system, electric or steam heating system,temperature control system and electric control. It’s the professional equipment for the pharmacy ointment and high ranking cream emulsion.

10L vacuum emulsifying mixer_副本.jpg

In recently years, ,With the rapid development of economy, the cosmetic vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is widely applied in many industries. It not only created more economic benefits for the enterprise, but also drove the rapid development of the enterprise, and enabled many enterprises to achieve automatic production, the cosmetic vacuum emulsifier industry entered the automation era.  

There are three steps for selecting vacuum emulsifying mixer:

1. Do small testing to obtain correct data.

If you are preparing to develop a new product, The correct data is obtained through the cosmetic vacuum emulsifier, which can avoid the occurrence of selection errors, reduce the risk of production investment.

2. Confirm the dealing capacity of the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine.

In the industrial equipment selection , a water-based reference treatment volume is provided. In the actual selection, the viscosity, specific gravity, solid content, thixotropy and other factors of the material should be considered comprehensively, and the viscosity denaturation is difficult to define, so the actual amount of processing is difficult to control.

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