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How many capacity size of vacuum emulsifying mixer has ?
Oct 24, 2018

Vacuum emulsifying mixer apply to many different industry line , such like cosmetics , chemical ,medicine ,food which need dissolving ,homogenizing ,emulsifying ,stirring ,mixing function. Different working site ,different production capacity requested . That is mean that equipment size also would be different . Vacuum emulsifying mixer be divided into several kind according to different tank size ,lab sized,  medium sized  ,industrial production sized .

Lab size :  5L and 10L is the normal lab tank size . This size of vacuum mixer would be used cosmetic ,medicine production for sample with easy operation and high efficiency.


Medium size: 30 L and 50L as medium sized vacuum mixer that used for small industry production which could reduce risk of volume production 


Industrial production sized: from 100L -1000L or 2000L .



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