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How Important A Vacuum Cover To Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer!
Nov 28, 2018

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We would curious about vacuum emulsifying mixer ‘s designing with a cover .Actually , cover of main pot is a very important part which has multi function like material adding ,emulsion observation .


There is a several multi functional spare part which is play a excellent role in a whole production.


Let’s introduce function of these parts as follow:

l Flavor adding pot :this material adding pot is inlet adding trace elements ,powder ,flavor into vacuum emulsifying mixer during production .

  • Sight glass : this is a observation window with scrapper that could observe emulsion condition in the pot . 

  • Vacuum pressure gauge : this is a vacuum device with vacuum connector and vacuum gauge .The vacuum connector almost connected to vacuum pump in mixer for vacuum-pumping process.

  •  Material inlet : This part is a inlet connector to material tank . Vacuum system of vacuum emulsifying mixer would sucking material into pot automatically through this inlet .

  • Air filter : This filter will prevent from rust into pot while machine sucking material under vacuum system. 

    Different machine tech requirement different spare part using .Customization is accepted to us . We would design according to every product ‘s  feature .




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