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Heating way of vacuum emulsifying homogenerous mixer we used
Dec 24, 2018

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Some proudct no need heating during mixing and emulsifying process .But most of mateiral w nened be heating to reach a better effects .All of our vacuum emulsifying mixer could add heating  funciton . Water and oil tank also could pre-heating with double jacket .Let's introduce you our heating way . 

1)Eletricity heating  

 Elericity heating is a normal heating way which traferring the temperature to material in the tank through medium in jacket of vacuum mixer by heating tube  . Medium we used is conduction oil or water .  This heating way is convenient and safety .Meanwhile , it also could have a good temperature perservation . 

2) Steam heating 

You need steam generator if you choose steam heating as heating way . All piping connected to vacuum mixer need be design with customer's factory . Steam heating is heating more faster . Tempearture is higher than electircity . Because steam's boilling point is higher than electricity heating .  At the same time  ,vacuum emulsifying mixer need be customized with presseure .Because steam heating would produce steam pressure . That is mean the machine manufacturer you choosed for making  must have pressue vessel manfuacturer license to guarantee safety of manufacturing .

3) Hot water heating  

If you have boiled water that could connected to jacekt of mixer direclty ,that would be ok also . 

Above is three heating way we using for our heating function of vacuu mixer . If you have any questions, please feel free contact with us . 

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