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Factors affecting the results of emulsification
Oct 04, 2018

1.Emulsifying temperature

The emulsifying temperature has great influence for the emulsifying effect, however, there is no strict limit for the temperature. If the oil and water are all liquid, they can be emulsified at room temperature. The emulsifying temperature is depends on the high melting point substance contained in the two phases

Except that, the temperature of this two phase should be similar, especially for the high melting point material, such as the wax, fat. When emulsifying, the low temperature aqueous phase cannot be added, to prevent precipitation of wax and fat crystals before emulsification, resulting in a blocky or coarse uneven emulsion.

Generally, the temperature of both the oil and water can be controlled between 75 ° C and 85° Cwhen emulsifying,. If the oil phase has a high melting point material, the emulsification temperature should be higher.

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2. Emulsifying time

The emulsification time has obvious influence for the quality of the emulsion. The determination of the emulsification time, it is based on the volume ratio of the water phase and oil phase, the viscosity of the two phases and the viscosity of the emulsion, the type and amount of the emulsifier, and emulsifying temperature. 
3. Mixing speed

The mixing speed is one of the factors which affect the emulsifying effect.

The suitable mixing speed is to make the oil phase and the water phase fully mixed.

When the mixing speed is too low, it can not achieve the goal of full mixing. But when the mixing speed is too high, It creates a lot of bubbles, and made the emulsion unstable. So it must avoid the air during mixing, our vacuum emulsifying mixer machine are provided with superior performance.

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