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Extensive Application of Hydraulic Lifting Vacuum Emulsifier
Sep 28, 2018

 In the few years, with the rapid development of economy, Hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier has been widely used not only created more economic benefits for company but also stimulated more and more industries economy development that made many enterprises achieve automatic system and made Hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier industries enter automatic era .  

Hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier is generally used to process high-end emulsion, cream and paste, suspension liquid and other mixing products etc.

It is very popular in the fields of cosmetics, pharmacy, food and chemical industry as to the high efficiency, safety and convenience of its production. Whats more, another key factor is the good stability performance of the mixed material by the vacuum emulsifier. There are many factors that affect the stability of emulsion, such as the choice of emulsifier, the dosage of emulsifying water, the emulsifying temperature, time, the shear rate of emulsifying equipment, etc.

All of them, the equipment of emulsifier is the most important factor.

The development of Aerospace Hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier will not only speed up the development , but also introduce new technology to achieve the intelligentization on the basis of integration and make the vacuum emulsifier more perfect and more powerful.

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