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Emulsifiers play an important role in industrial equipment
Aug 23, 2018

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The vacuum emulsifying mixer machine plays a very important role in the chemical mixing equipment. Especially for the solid-liquid mixing, liquid mixing, water-oil emulsification, dispersing and milling. 

In addition, the unique high shearing can help the powder granule in the liquid, final refinement to the ideal particle size. Thereby the solid matter is blended thoroughly, a relatively stable suspension is formed, we called the process: "dispersion".

When people get used to acquire the fine particles through the homogenizer, refinement is equal to homogeneous. So that, people called the refinement effect of the emulsifier for the raw material“homogeneous”. So we also called the emulsifier a homogenizer.
The strength of the shearing action of the emulsifier directly affects the final fineness. After analysis, it is mainly related to the sharpness ,the hardness of the blade, , the stator gap, the relative movement speed of the two cutting edges and the allowable particle size.  

Normally, the sharpness, hardness, stators gap of the blade,and the allowable particle size are basically fixed, so the relative movement speed of the knife edge is the most influential factor.

The vacuum emulsifying mixer machine manufactured by our company is made by the high quality stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L; provided with hydraulic lifting system, which can freely and lower the main tank’s cover.  The mixing system adopts advanced triple blending and frequency conversion speed adjustment, so as to satisfy production of different technology requirement. The advanced homogenizer with unique structure and reliable sealing, and the emulsifying speed can be 0-3500rpm. 

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