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Does vacuum mixer could be customized?
Nov 30, 2018

500L 升降式真空乳化机-高配22 DSC_0546.jpg

Vacuum emulsifying homogeneous mixer is applying to any production process which need mixing ,shearing . As a industrial production equipment ,vacuum homogenizing mixer included homogeneous ,dissolving and mixing function .Homo mixer manufacturer could customize machine with function according to customers requirement .

The reason we call mixer with name of  vacuum emulsifying homogeneous mixer as for vacuum function it has .You could cancel vacuum function ,cover or any other filtering ,jacket as you need ,and using open-type cover or lifting homogenizer head that also could reach homogenizing and emulsifying effect.

Homo mixer without vacuum function that could produce product in some chemical or food line . However ,when material production need reach deforming purpose ,you need add vacuum function to mixer .  


We are custom-made machine manufacturer who has 18years manufacturing experience ,who has CE and Germany TUV certificate .Hope that we could have opportunity to service one day . 

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