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Difference between vacuum emulsifying mixer and colliod mill
Dec 10, 2018

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Colliod mill is one kind of centrifugal equipment ,which advantage is simple construction and easy maintainance. Colliod mill is suitable to material which has big size of particle except high viscosity product. Its main disadvantage is desiced by its constrction .The flow ratio is not stable as for cetrigugal rotation .For example, When milling painting material or dairy fluid with same viscosity degree in one machine .The difference of flow volume would be around 10times of quantity .Meanwhile, High speed firction between rotor and stator would produce more heat which would resultin in transubstantiations. Thirdly ,Surface of mill would be more easy wearing. At the same time , milling effection would be decresed with abrasion occuring.

In contrast , The working principle of vacuum emulsifying homogeneous mixer is high-speed shearing ,pressing ,folding with bleding plate .After that mateiral goest to homo center for high-speed milling between rotor and stator .Particle could be grinded with shearing and sizeof particle could be around 200-2um .With help of vacuum system,deforming defoaming effectionw is excellent .

  Homogenizing effect of vacuum emulsifying mixer is better than colliod mill.  But high visocity liquid is more suitable to colliod mill . 

Choose suitable machine with your product characteristic. 

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